program 2022


Vasja Lebarič, Julij Zornik
Vasja Ris Lebarič – born in 1975 in Yugoslavia.
My early plan was to get retired after kindergarten. As this didn’t work out I decided to be a painter. And then it all went in this direction – Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, then in 2001 a year at Universität der Künste, Berlin, where I joined an alternative art collective Fleischerei – now Czentrifuga – where I still participate.
Collaboration with alternative art collectives and autonomous spaces formed my ways of production.
Julij Zornik, born on 8.10.1974, began flirting with the world of audio in 1994 as a radio and television technician, and as a concert and festival monitor mixer. From 1996 on, when domestic audio post-production experienced a boom of studio activity, Julij focused his efforts in that direction. To date, Zornik has designed sound for countless TV and radio ads, over fifty short and animated films, and more than sixty feature and documentary films.
An animated-experimental film which, in accordance with the process of creation – the chemical and thermomechanical processes – features coincidences as its immanent part and thus tries to surpass the conventions of traditional animation and narration.