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Director Biography – Diogo Baldaia
Diogo Baldaia was born in Porto and grew up in the city of Maia. He studied at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC/Lisbon) where he graduated in Film Directing and Cinematography. He took a master’s degree in Visual Arts at KASK Conservatorium (Ghent, Belgium). He worked and lived in Brussels before returning to Portugal, where he is currently based in Lisbon. His films have been awarded and shown at national and international film festivals, such as the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Vienna Shorts, Oberhausen, IndieLisboa, etc.
Ima is a little girl who passed away too soon. Desperate to talk to her grandmother, she decides to possess a young boy. But an old spirit is interfering with her plans.
At a conceptual level, “Waking Field” represents an ongoing exploration in observation, meditation, and artistic research. Why do we stare and slowly decompress at the sight of light on water, a distant flock of birds or an empty bag hovering in an alley ? There is an apparent gray area of experience where cadence, familiarity and abstraction are in balance and serve to connect us in an elemental and unified manner. Ive sought to expand on these moments of “betweenness” and shift them towards the primary.