program 2023

Underground Ants

Director Biography – Leevi Pienihäkkinen, Kristiina Kekomäki, Oskari Koponen
Leevi Pienihäkkinen is a film student from Finland. Leevi is studying Film and Television at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Leevi specializes in cinematography but is also interested in directing and editing. He also has experience working on fictional short films as a lighting technician and editor. Leevi has also studied journalism and he has a previous qualification as an electrician.
Kristiina Kekomäki is an easily enthusiastic and diligent aspiring screenwriter. She is studying at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to become a screenwriter and is interested in societal issues and politics.
Oskari Koponen is by nature thoughtful and easily enthusiastic budding cinematographer . He is studying cinematography at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is interested in filmmaking and storytelling.
Have you ever wondered what happens inside an anthill?
The ants’ industrious and disciplined life also includes a surprising way to relax. Deep within the depths of the ant society, its members thoroughly enjoy the life of an ant. Demanding tasks require fittingly substantial amusements.