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They’re all dead

Director Biography – Marisa Benito Crespo
Marisa Benito Crespo (Barcelona, 1974) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Research Degree in Art, Music and Aesthetic Education. She lives and works in Córdoba, where she teaches Audiovisual Media at the Mateo Inurria School of Art. Her research work focuses on staged or constructed photography from the perspective of female creation. She combines her professional activity with audiovisual creation and photography. The aesthetics of her work are generated through images shaped by sensory experience, the imaginary and the memory, and photographic and cinematographic language.
With her short film Dúctiles (2018), Marisa won the Video Art Award at FEM TOUR TRUCK 2018 – International Feminist Video Art Festival. This work was also the winning short film of CORTOS EN FEMENINO 2019. She was a finalist in the IV International Competition DONA’M CINE 2019. She has been selected for the programme of women’s short films by the INSTITUTO CERVANTES, presented in 21 cities where this institution has headquarters. She has participated in the official selections of various festivals, including: 6th VAFA International Video Art Festival (Macau, China), CYFEST 12 Digital Video Art Program (Saint Petersburg, New York), FIVAC 8th Camagüey Video Art Festival (Cuba), FIVA 08 International Video Art Festival (Buenos Aires), IBRIDA Festival (Forlí, Italy), LAN Audiovisual Festival Obrero (Bilbao), and IVAHM 2019 International Video Art Festival (Madrid). In 2021 she presented at PHOTOALICANTE International Photography Festival.
Her work Artificio (2016) obtained a mention at the 1st FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE CORPORALIDAD EXPANDIDA in Buenos Aires. She has taken part in the official selections of various festivals around the world, including: Feminist video art festival FEM TOUR TRUCK (which toured though Latin America and Spain), 6 UNDER THE SUBWAY VIDEO ART NIGHT (New York, Madrid, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Valencia), BIDEODROMO 2016 International Film and Experimental Video Festival (Bilbao), MA/IN 2016 – MAtera INtermedia Festival – a digital art festival (Matera, Italy), III CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL DONA’MCINE 2016 (Spain), IVAHM 2017 Festival Internacional de Videoarte (Madrid), and IBERODOCS Ibero-American Documentary Film Festival (Edinburgh and Glasgow).
In 2009, she co-directed La Cita, which was placed as a finalist in the video-creation section of the 13th edition of the FESTIVAL DE MÁLAGA.
In this post-photographic context of the digital age, we relate to images in a different way; they have other meanings, and they have been dematerialised. They have become elements without a body, ephemeral and superabundant. The transition from an analogue to a digital process has become a paradigm shift.
Family photographs used to be a treasure, passed down from generation to generation, which we could look at and touch to evoke the memory of a moment, or of a loved one. We have a memory fragmented between the photographic paper and the screens. It is easy to find a photo in our albums, but not so easy among hundreds of files and folders. If we do not look at them, these photos cease to exist.
What will the memories of this digital generation be like? People will no longer have a box in which to store the photographs of their lives, of their history.