Dina Karadžić, HR01:31

Dina Karadžić (1986) — Born and resides in Zagreb, CRO. Mastered in Art (MFA, Sculpture) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2012. A member of the Croatian Association of Artists since 2011, of Croatian Association of Professional Artists since 2018, and the Art Director of Format C art org (an artist organization focused on digital art, experimental multimedia research and collaborative creation) since 2014. (Co)works as an independent lecturer; active as an organizer and an artist in the areas of visual | digital | net art; works in stop-motion animation and character design; employed 2017-19 by the ACC Attack NGO as a project assistant, and was a Web-Based Media Fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2018-19. A member of CTHR workgroup and a Board Member at the Operation City Association Alliance since 2019.
A short experimental built by compressing a personal archive of own and other’s images into one media file. The sequence consists of all the photos found in the images folders of the author’s device at the time (Sept 2020), both private and public content included. The files are pillarboxed into a fragmented “slideshow” video and then databent; i.e. the code of the video is edited to re/deconstruct the video into a colorful and displaced fusion of self and others selves. The video does not progress by a single narrative but in multiple asynchronous happenings, scattered by the deconstructed code of the file, interleaved by both time and space (the sequence is defined by the date the media files were delivered to or created by the origin device, regardless of their original purpose). The whole process is created by CLI software, text-editing and simple processes automation.