program 2021

Self-portrait in Hell

Federica Foglia
“This hybrid piece is a collage created assembling both analog and digital material.
Several layers of 8mm films merge to create a camera-less self-portrait of the filmmaker.
The first layer is an 8mm orphan film (found footage) from the 1970s of a woman dancing.
The second layer is an 8mm found footage film that has been buried in earth for some months. While being covered in earth, the film emulsion has been eaten by the bacterias in the ground, plus some bacterias from yeast and sugar. This technique was originally used by the Schmelzdahin group in Germany.
After several weeks in soil, the film gets extracted, rinsed, and scanned via a 4K digital scanner.
The third layer is an 8mm home movie that has been first decayed in soil, using the aforementioned technique, then hand-painted with ink.