program 2022

RE-MEMBERING: Meditation on a Triptych

Amra Hećo
After almost 15 years in radio broadcasting and television production, Amra returns to her favorit format – documentary film. She spends her time between teaching and working on her own artistic projects.
A chance encounter with a home video from 1983 of a pre-war Bosnian town triggers unexpected emotions as the filmmaker recognizes her grandfather among the people in the film. There is something particular about the way he looks back at the camera as he is being filmed which invites further inquiry. Through a narrative meditation about the encounter between the key protagonists – the videographer, the granddaughter and the grandfather –unexpected gifts unfold one moment, one memory and one person at a time. The present is seen through the eyes of the past so that those who have passed on can reclaim the right to their own image.