Port Lands

Zachary Finkelstein, CA12:18

Zachary Finkelstein is a film and video maker based in Toronto, Ontario. His projects have been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Film Board of Canada, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and Bravo!FACT. Zachary’s film and video work has been programmed in film festivals and curated in art galleries across Canada and internationally. His work deals with themes of environmentalism, and the confluence of science and art in film and media production. Zachary is currently a partial load faculty member in Humber College’s Film and Media Production B.A. program.
Port Lands presents Toronto’s industrial waterfront as a complex landscape in which past, present, and future geographies transition and converge. Using archival aerial photographs, microscopic videography and Lidar data mapping, this work documents how aquatic life has persisted despite intense industrialization. This work merges three non-human-centered perspectives of the Port Lands with an original sound design by Mitchell Akiyama that evokes both the ecological and industrial presences of the area. As a result, we are asked to consider the Port Lands as an enduring ecology on the brink of uncertain future development.