program 2022

Places that do not exist

Josipa Henizelman
Josipa Henizelman was born in 1998 in Osijek. She is currently a graduate student on graduate study of visual arts at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, majoring in painting. So far, Josipa has exhibited at about thirty group exhibitions and five independent ones in; Osijek, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Rovinj, Split, Vinkovci, Po┼żega… Since 2013 she has been a member of the art group Kontrast, and in 2022 becomes a member of the Kinoklub Zagreb and the Croatian Academic Association. Her experimental film “Places that do not exist” received seven awards, some of them are also at international festivals, of which Josipa singles out the GREEN Award DCP for the best Croatian film in the program of the 25 FPS Festival. Also, she is a winner of Dean’s Award in 2019 and Rector’s Award in 2022. She participated in numerous workshops and actively exhibits works in the media of painting, graphics, photography and movie.
The film Places that do not exist is an experimental film that deals with space. In it, I shot my paintings through water, which I brought to life with the help of film media; they become moving places, transforming from one to the other, and displaying their constant change that evokes different emotions. Places that alternate do not require any identification with real places, they are places that do not exist, that live in the subjective experience of the observer and that are only his. My motives and inspiration for this work were nature and my childhood. I remember my childhood as a very happy period, the transience of which I am not aware of as a child, and I associate nature with the place where I grew up. Because I always think that the image is fleeting, the memory changes, but the feeling I associate with childhood is always permanent, and I wanted to convey that in the film. The film is treated like a canvas and without any technical interventions it establishes intermediality with painting, emphasizing the emotions that each of the places carries.