Il mondo di sotto (The Underworld)

Benedetta Sani, IT04:09

Benedetta Sani was born in 1994 in Italy. She got a MFA in Multimedia Arts from Urbino Academy of Fine Arts. Her research deals with the moving image in all its forms. Especially towards animation, reuse of pre-existing film, photographic and sound materials and the concept of expanded cinema. Her works were exhibited at 18° Festival international Signes de Nuit (Paris), 55° Pesaro film fest, Avvistamenti XII edition, Blooming Festival, Sonimage 6° exhibition of sounds and images (IT).
The divine maiden knows the inebriating flower. She discovers that the narcissus radiant beauty is due to the existence of the underground, a world below where the ground was fertilized by a buried seed. Nothing could be born without death, nothing could shine without that unknown darkness.