How to Talk to Mom

Dalija Dozet, HR11:00

Dalija Dozet directed several films of different kinds and genres. This is her first film essay. Following FAMU international programme, she enrolled and graduated film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and has been working as a professional screenwriter and director in various forms such as short fiction and documentary films, film education, feature films and commercials. Currently she is in the production stage of her first feature film, a creative documentary ″Lessons from my father″.
​Sometimes it is necessary to go to the other side of the world to open the topic of intimacy. Sometimes it is necessary not to shoot a single frame to make a film. Sometimes there is an attempt to create closeness by increasing the distance and sometimes the impossibility to do so tries to camouflage itself with an adventure story. Sometimes I think I speak Chinese. In this travel essay written at the height of the epidemic and just after the earthquake, I asked myself a question and intended to find an answer. Now I realize that I don’t know the answer or that it may not exist at all. Now I understand, maybe we are more similar than I think.