program 2023

Feel The Change

Director Biography – Luka Tokić
Luka Tokić was born in 1990. He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb in 2022, with a focus on editing. He develops film and TV scripts and works as a director and editor. His short film “Jazavci” (2012), which he wrote and directed, won a Special Mention at the Croatian Film Festival in 2013. As an editor, he has worked on documentary projects with many renowned authors, such as Ivona Juka, Dario Juričan, Sandra Basso, and others. Among the projects he has edited, he highlights the editing of the feature-length documentary film “Kumec” (Dario Juričan, 2020) and the film “Hipokritovi sinovi” (Anton Mezulić, 2019), which was co-financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) and on which he also worked as a screenwriter. He is a co-author and director of the popular YouTube talk show “Gradonačelnik svemira” (Mayor of the Universe), produced by Tibor Keser. He worked as an assistant director and editor on the documentary film “Pravilo zlatnog sata” (The Golden Hour Rule) (Ivona Juka, 2023), directed by Ivona Juka in the production of the Center for Cultural Activities, which is scheduled to be broadcast on HRT in November 2023. He is currently working as a director and screenwriter on the pre-production of the documentary series about street art “Pred zidom” (Behind the Wall), produced by Anita Juka and Mihovil Pirnat for HRT.
The Ever-Changing Shape speaks to us about change and what change really means to it.