program 2022

Dustbin of a Politician

Parashar Sadanand Naik
arashar Naik is a a visual artist living in the suburbs of Bombay, in a city that predated Bombay – Vasai.
He completed his GD arts from Vasai Vikasini School of Visual Arts. He also is a professional film editor and his art practice mainly consists of the interpretation of his surroundings. He works in various media from drawings, assemblages, kinetic sculpture to videos.
He has worked on various projects collaborating with the Jharkand government, P.S.B.T and various other banners within Bollywood. His short films and videos have been selected and screened in various national and international platforms. Working as a collaborator with Clark house initiative for almost three years now, he has contributed in the show Bunting, Guadeloupe Oriental, Home videos and edited the series of videos for Gondwana Series at the Centre Pompidou in 2017. He curated a group show of 23 artists at Clark House titled Narcissism and Social Interaction, 2017.
The work is an attempt to portray a society through damaged videos and images, a lot can be understood of a person by knowing what he or she throws away in a dustbin, various videos images, and audio come together to create an experience that is like going through the contains of a DUSTBIN.
For example: If in the future an Archaeologist finds a dustbin from our current times, what will his experience be like while going through its contains, and what kind of picture will he paint of our society? the work is a satirical take on that feeling or that picture of our society that the Archaeologist will imagine.