program 2022


Filip Markovinović
When I was a little, my father told me that dust is formed by meteors burning when they enter our atmosphere, disintegrate, and turn into dust. For a long period of time I have been convinced that all the dust around me comes from space. I loved hitting the furniture with my hand and watching the beads move in the beam of light. Now I know that dust is made of pieces of leather, fabric, paper, soot and dirt. Dust is actually a world that is falling apart.
“Dust” is a collage-type video work created by combining personal film archives, family films shot between 1976 and 1982 and found archival material consisting mainly of raw and unedited footage, amateur cinema recordings of parts of Sombor and Novi Sad.
Using fragments of film recordings from personal archives and placing them in another context, the video represents a walk-through oneiric spaces that have been melted by the ravages of time. It is a literal decomposition, as the material I used is in very poor condition – the emulsion disintegrated or the film completely changed its appearance due to chemical processes and inadequate storage.
In that way, a time-space bridge is created that connects the past with the present time, problematizing the possibility of remembering and perceiving an objective picture of the past time.
In addition to the picture of the world in which I grew up, that world also fell apart. It can be said that it also fell apart due to carelessness and inadequate storage.
A short experimental film created by combining personal archives and found footage. The film takes us through dreamy spaces of memory and forgotten moments from childhood.