Chapter 2: A Wet Bio Coder

Better Lovers, Hsin-Yu Chen, US08:28

Better Lovers is the moniker for the evolving artistic practice of Layla Marcelle + Jacob Gallant Raeder. Currently they are applying contemporary dance methodologies to object making. Choreographers designing ceramics and ceramists making films, they are committed to the entanglement of material processes with things, and assemblages of humans and non-humans in complex topographies of being and becoming. The banana does not decay, it just becomes dirt.
Hsin-Yu Chen is a filmmaker working across narrative, experimental, and non-fiction film. His work explores the process of signification, the transitional space of perception, and the pleasure of artifice. Recently he is interested in the alignments and misalignments of subjectivity, perspective, and consciousness in cinema. He holds an MFA in film and media arts at Temple University and is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.
A voice guides you across a field, under your fingertips and around your soft palate. You will be hypnotized. You will wander and trespass. With calibrated words and spinning objects you will hear what you want to hear, the flashing moments layering themselves seamlessly into consciousness. The wheel is humming gently.