program 2022


Charles Cadic
Charles Cadic , born in 1991 , is a graduate of La Cambre , Brussels , section Urban Space ( 2013 ) and from the Beaux -Arts de Paris (2018 ). He also studied at the Glasgow School of Art (Environmental art). His practice is situated at the the border
of sculpture , video , installation but also photography , intervention in public space , architecture, writing and sound.
Charles Cadic is currently preparing a film that will deal with the genesis of images , the specular image and its symbolic function in our contemporary societies . His work has been exhibited at the Galerie Aperto in Montpellier , during the 71st edition of Jeune Cr̩ation or at the Culterim Gallery in Berlin and will be part of the Atelier 105 РLIGHT CONE Residency in December 2022. He lives and works in Paris.
An acoustic device – speakers placed at regular intervals on a beach – replaces the lost ocean. The speakers broadcast a looping sound, the sound of the waves that were there before, repeated ad infinitum. The memory of the sea, digitized, is nothing but a saturated wave, a data stream.