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Vladislav Knežević
Vladislav Knezevic biography 28.8.1967. , Zagreb, Croatia
Between 1989 and 1993 He studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art (film / TV dept.) in Zagreb and one semester at the De Vrije Academie (audiovisual dept.) in Den Haag
Primarily engaged in audiovisual research and creating works using recorded video material, digital photography, micro-animation, stereoscopic 3D technique and generic electronic sound in an attempt to create a new experience of watching the movie media. In the focus of interest are concepts related to the marginal areas of real categories, the novelty images, digital aesthetics, utilitarian / fantastic constructs and the consequences of technological and scientific research on human experience.
He won awards at festivals in Split, MFNF (Grand Prix, 1997), New York, Be Film Underground Film Festival (2015 Best 3D) and Karlsruhe, Beyond 3D, (2015 Best Short). He has also won two Oktavian Prizes (Croatia Film Critic Asocciation Award for the best experimental film in 2010 for Arhcheo 29 ​​and in 2015 for A.D.A.M at Days of Croatian Film festival.  He participated in exhibitions HT Awards for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb in 2106 and 2018.  A.D.A.M, was shown in the digital edition of the Machine Minds and Digital Neurons, Labocine in New York, 2018. 
He worked as a curator on TV projects, all related to the presenting of contemporary art, experimental films and videos, Videodrome (TV show 2002-2004), 25fps (International Festival 2005-2009), TV – performance DM talks to DM (HRT 1, 2010) animated film series Animatik (HRT 3) and New Collections (HRT 3). Since 1989, his films have been shown at festivals, exhibitions and presentations in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil …  As a TV director, he mostly worked on programs for culture and art (Second Format, HRT 1, (2005-2014). In 2010 he directed a TV documentary New Tendency which was screened at the Venice Biennale in 2014 in the program Meetings on Architecture.
During high school education at the Center for Culture and Art, he participated in activities of Kinoklub Zagreb, between 1985 and 1989 he made several experimental films.
Analog photographs,chemical processes and digital micro-animation establish an interspace between the photographic and cinematic, the static and the moved. The form as a shape of energy transforms the view. Every moment for itself and simultaneously, eternity. The outer space and the constellations, the coldness, the doubt and the movement, chance and an attempt of conscious break.

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The Last Step of an Acrobat

Cesare Bedogné
Cesare Bedogné is an Italian photographer, film-maker and writer. His first, autobiographical novel and his black and white photographs were at he basis of the film “Story for an empty theatre”, which he co-directed with the Russian film-maker Aleksandr Balagura. He later directed the experimental/documentary short films “Maria’s Silence”, “The Last Step of an Acrobat”, “Photographing New York”. All these experimental films won numerous awards internationally and were screened in prestigious film festivals such as Art Visuals&Poetry in Vienna, the 75th Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno, the L’Europe autour de l’Europe film Festival in Paris, the 69th Montecatini International Short Film Festival in Italy, the 14th Harlem International Film Festival in New York, the London Greek Film Festival, The Cinemistica Film Festival in Spain, the AMIIWorkFest in Vilnius, the Concrete Dream film Festival in Los Angeles and many others.He recently completed (March 2022) another experimental short entitled “Lost Images”. Further information is available on the artist’s website:
“We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown”.
(T.S.Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock)
This film appeared to us, as it unfolded almost by itself, day after day while shooting, as a mythical fairy-tale about dead sea creatures and the desire to fly – Death and Flight, that cannot exist without one another.
Like a dream, it is based on a series of interconnected visions, longings and forebodings that could not possibly be reduced to a unity of meaning. As life itself, or as the sea which is always changing and yet remains the same, unable to betray its mystery.
More like a visual poem than a narrative film, it is the story of an Equilibrist suspended on the slack rope of existence, the thin and always changeable borderland joining all opposites, Sky and Earth, Life and Death, Light and Shadow, Elsewhere and Nowhere.
This film is also about transformation and loss of identity, about the desire to become someone else, or even something else – the screech of a seagull, bleaching bones, a broken dolphin’s mouth, dissolving into deep eternity – a meditation on melancholy and on the frailty of existence, permeated by the secret whispering of all things shipwrecked and lost.

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Ruined World: An AI Elegy

Zoran Poposki
Zoran Poposki FRSA, MFA, PhD is a multi-award-winning transdisciplinary visual artist, curator, and filmmaker in Hong Kong.
His work has been shown in more than 100 exhibitions, screenings and festivals worldwide, including Ars Electronica, Crypto Art And Digital Art Fair (CADAF) in Paris, 30th Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana, XIII Cairo Biennale, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Xi’an Art Museum in China, Minsheng Art Museum Beijing, Art Basel Hong Kong, City Art Museum Ljubljana, Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center in St. Petersburg, CICA Museum in South Korea, National Gallery of Macedonia, Xi’an Art Museum in China, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, National Museum of Montenegro, Museu da Vila Velha Portugal, Museo de Arte de Ponce San Juan in Puerto Rico, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester, Art Stays Festival of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, and the University of Sharjah. His public art projects have been presented on urban LED screens, video billboards, posters and billboards in NYC, Skopje, Dublin, Hong Kong, and the demilitarized border zone between South Korea and North Korea.
Awards include: CEC Artslink Award (New York), ArtSlant Prize (Los Angeles), Rise Art Prize Shortlist (London), Global Art Awards Finalist (Dubai, in association with The Wall Street Journal), ArtRights Prize Finalist (Italy), Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA, London), etc.
Poposki’s work is collected in the Luciano Benetton Foundation’s Imago Mundi collection (Italy) and in the Videotage Media Art Collection (Hong Kong). His work is archived in the AUP archive (a project of e-flux in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery London), the Ocean Archive by TBA21-Academy, and Google Arts & Culture.
Filmography: Peace Piece (2022), Ruined World: An AI Elegy (2022), Rain (2020), Crisis (2020), The City Alone (2017-2020), We Immigrants (2017), Hong Kong Atlas (2013), Portrait of the Artist (2010), Different (2009), Here / The Border (2007)
“Ruined World” is a short experimental film generated by artificial intelligence (AI) in collaboration with award-winning contemporary artist and director Zoran Poposki, FRSA. This is the first ever short film where all the elements (visuals, text, and music) have been created utilizing artificial intelligence.
In a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been eradicated due to planetary-wide environmental collapse, an artificial intelligence ruminates on the nature of existence through a visual poem.
The visuals are a series of AI-generated artworks created by Polyptech (Poposki’s creative alter ego in the Metaverse ) through text-to-image synthesis utilizing a neural network. The neural network has been trained by Polyptech through thousands of iterations to generate visuals based on a string of keywords associated to climate change, such as the Anthropocene, ecology, nature, etc.
The text is an AI-generated poem co-written with Poposki, based on the text of Henry David Thoreau’s reflection upon simple living in/with nature, “Walden”. The AI uses a generative text model developed by Open AI, leveraging machine learning and deep learning to achieve the generation of natural language. The resulting AI poem is then read by an AI text-to-speech voice generator.
The music in the film is a generative sound piece created by an AI music algorithm trained on Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chorale BWV639 (Choral Prelude in F Minor).

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Dustbin of a Politician

Parashar Sadanand Naik
arashar Naik is a a visual artist living in the suburbs of Bombay, in a city that predated Bombay – Vasai.
He completed his GD arts from Vasai Vikasini School of Visual Arts. He also is a professional film editor and his art practice mainly consists of the interpretation of his surroundings. He works in various media from drawings, assemblages, kinetic sculpture to videos.
He has worked on various projects collaborating with the Jharkand government, P.S.B.T and various other banners within Bollywood. His short films and videos have been selected and screened in various national and international platforms. Working as a collaborator with Clark house initiative for almost three years now, he has contributed in the show Bunting, Guadeloupe Oriental, Home videos and edited the series of videos for Gondwana Series at the Centre Pompidou in 2017. He curated a group show of 23 artists at Clark House titled Narcissism and Social Interaction, 2017.
The work is an attempt to portray a society through damaged videos and images, a lot can be understood of a person by knowing what he or she throws away in a dustbin, various videos images, and audio come together to create an experience that is like going through the contains of a DUSTBIN.
For example: If in the future an Archaeologist finds a dustbin from our current times, what will his experience be like while going through its contains, and what kind of picture will he paint of our society? the work is a satirical take on that feeling or that picture of our society that the Archaeologist will imagine.

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Vasja Lebarič, Julij Zornik
Vasja Ris Lebarič – born in 1975 in Yugoslavia.
My early plan was to get retired after kindergarten. As this didn’t work out I decided to be a painter. And then it all went in this direction – Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, then in 2001 a year at Universität der Künste, Berlin, where I joined an alternative art collective Fleischerei – now Czentrifuga – where I still participate.
Collaboration with alternative art collectives and autonomous spaces formed my ways of production.
Julij Zornik, born on 8.10.1974, began flirting with the world of audio in 1994 as a radio and television technician, and as a concert and festival monitor mixer. From 1996 on, when domestic audio post-production experienced a boom of studio activity, Julij focused his efforts in that direction. To date, Zornik has designed sound for countless TV and radio ads, over fifty short and animated films, and more than sixty feature and documentary films.
An animated-experimental film which, in accordance with the process of creation – the chemical and thermomechanical processes – features coincidences as its immanent part and thus tries to surpass the conventions of traditional animation and narration.

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Matevž Jerman, Niko Novak
Matevž Jerman has directed several experimental short films and music videos. He is also one of the co-funders of Kraken Short Film Promotion Society, the program director of the FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival, and a short film curator for several other film festivals. Jerman is also a film critic and editor and works at the programme department at the Slovenian Cinematheque.
Niko Novak is active in the fields of film, theatre, and music. He has been working as a production designer on feature and short films for the last twenty years. As a musician he is making music independently as a singer/songwriter and a composer for theatre and film.
The Gian Rinaldo Carli High School in Koper keeps a late 19th century set of animals preserved in formaldehyde, one of the oldest collections of the kind in Slovenia. The film shows specimens stored in glass jars in the Oreste Gerosa Natural History Cabinet.

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The Stream XII

Hiroya Sakurai
Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1958.
Professor, Seian University of Art and Design.
Sakurai’s work can be found in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada and J.Paul Getty Trust.
Sakurai was awarded at “35th Asolo Art Film Festival (2016)”, Italy, “39th Tokyo Video Festival”, “18th FILE 2017 “, São Paulo (2017) and “56th Ann Arbor Film Festival” (2018).
Exhibitions include “4th Sydney Biennale (1982),”62nd Melbourne International Film Festival”(2013),”58th San Francisco International Film Festival” (2015) and “24th Rhode Island International Film Festival”(2020)
In the artificial environment of the paddy field, water—an element of nature—follows the rules of the artificial. As a result, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. I have expressed “stream” as a symbiotic cooperation between humans and nature.
For the twelfth film in the series “The Stream”, I did not limit the stream to liquids, but extended it to include the air.

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Blue Curtain

Philipp Ramspeck
Born 1977 in Zell am See, grown up in Zurich
1990-1996 Highschool in Zurich
1999 studies in Film directing at the Filmakademie Vienna
1999-2001 stays in Berlin and Vienna as an upcoming filmmaker
2002-2013 independent filmmaker in Zurich and sidejob as a night porter in the Hotel Leoneck in Zurich
2009-2014 participation in diverse commissionary films as cinematographer and editor
since 2014 exclusively independent filmmaker
Filmography (Selection):
1992 “Herr Wächter” shortfilm, (5 min.)
1995 “Au Du Gody” shortfilm, (33 min.)
1996 “I And The Dinosaur”, shortfilm (22 min.)
1998 “Ein kurzer Film mit Lilly”, shortfilm (10 min.)
2004 “Blut aus Hollywood”, experimental film (4 min.)
2008 “Kleiner Sonntag”, feature film (69 min.), Filmstock International Film Festival 2008; honoured with the Max-Ophüls-Award: Award of the studentjury 2009
2014 “243-Ein stiller Mann”, experimental film (20 min.), Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2015; Film Festival Münster 2015
2015 “Metal Laser City (A Cinepoem)”, animation film (13 min.), Videoex International Experimental Film & Video Festival 2016; Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2016; Euro Film Festival 2016 (Preis: Best Experimental Animation Film); Moscow International Experimental Film Festival 2016; Jornadas de Reapropriación 2016, Mexico City; CineAutopsia/Bogotá Experimental Film Festival 2017 (Lobende Erwähnung der Jury); Haverhill Experimental Film Festival 2017; Sacalacalaca International Filmfestival of Horror & Sci-Fi (Winner 1st Place Experimental Category)
2018: “Frankenstein”, feature film (85 min.) mit Noemi Amadori
2019 “Loosin’ It”, short film (33 min.) (In Postproduktion)
2020: “Yello – Spinning my mind” Videoclip for the Swiss group Yello.
A brief nightmarish visit to an invisible factory of the inner mind.
(Stop-Motion and Light Painting)

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Barbara Peikert
Baraba-pe, born and raised in Switzerland, is a self-producer, filmmaker, photographer and sound artist. She currently works in her film studio Atelier a./f. as director and as founder of the art theory of “astrazione fiction”. The fields of interest of experimental and animated film focus on the chromatic flow, abstract fiction, holography, photography, light and sound effects enrich the aesthetic perception. She holds a Master in Visual Arts and Aesthetics from the Universities Paris 1+8 and Lighting Design from the Università di Sapienza di Roma and ENSAD Paris.
Snowshine, 2020 (2021 World Premiere), MI DI WORM no.10, 2018, Periplaneta and AF_SO_MONT_NB, 2019, have so far participated in various international film festivals and have been shown in China, Switzerland, US, Argentina, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Canada, Greece, Italy, Iran, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bosnia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, Panama, Bolivia, Ukraine, Indonesia and Georgia. Snowshine follows more than 10 short films with a strong background in abstract fictional genres, digital sound and fictive light installations.
Staging with RGB lighting effects – geometric shapes flow:
2020 Snowshine, in progress AF_EINSTRAHLER (Radiator) 10’, AF_WRACK 13’; HEXA SEXTA 16’; Bille Balle (BALL BALLOON) 190“; EINäuger 10′
Cartoons with 2D Animation+3D illusions templates, color, Stereo:
2019 Periplaneta, 6’07; 2018 MI DI WORM no. 10, 1′; MI DI WORM no. 1-19 ; AF_VOLVERSTOI no.1-65 Space and time axis model the sequence of the images and stage the discolored color flow
2019 AF_SOMONT_NB, 135’’; AF_SO_WAL, 4’; AF_SO-RO, 4’37’’
Staging with RGB flow lighting effects and geometric shapes (year of shooting France 2005): AF_ST-TIC_TAC; AF_SAGOMA, 25’’
Early Experimental films of astrazione-fiction
2012 A-SOL_TIC, 2010 WRACK_CUBE, 10’; 2008 Blue-TUONO, 15’; CA-lunatic, 4’ ; Compilation Eclat/Ecran 2004
The protagonist Pluto-n flits across the snowy landscapes as a shadow actor. A red dot lets the aliens know that Pluto-n is on a unique mission in search of wishes. He is torn between pursuing his mission and simultaneously standing up for his natural surroundings, which he sees as his point of light. Identifying himself as a red dot hacker, Pluto-n goes to a ghost turn under the snow, under a cabin, and he discovers the shocking truth – the life he knows is the elaboration of a magical cyber intelligence. The film speeds up even more when a team of ghost shadow Pluto-n researchers travel through red holes in space to ensure the survival of scripts and patterns that hold a lot of mystery.

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Shivering wall

Tseng Yu Chin
Tseng Yu Chin
Born in 1978
Video Artist, Director, Photographer, Curator
Now based in Berlin/Amsterdam/Paris
Outstanding youth artist of the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan
2007 Documenta 12, Kassel, Germany
2008 CCAA Best Young Artist of Chinese Contemporary Art Awards
2021 Best Experimental Film,Roma Short Film Festival,Rome,Italy
2021 The first prize,15th ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival-ON THE EDGE-
experiment and video- art competition,Bialystok,Poland
2021 15th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, final list
2020 14th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, Special prize
2020 Lumen Prize finalist , London, United Kingdom
2020 Golden Cow winner at the GSTAADfilm Festival,Switzerland
2020 Selected by Loops.Expanded 2020 International,Best Sixteen ArtWork of the Year
2020 34th Image Forum Festival “East Asian Experimental Competition” finalist,Tokyo, Japan
2020 Best Experimental Short,Amsterdam Independent Film Festival.Amsterdam,Netherlands
2020 Art or Experimental Short,Dreamers of Dreams Film Festival,London,United Kingdom
Wild Out Season international Video Festival Curator (Taiwan Ministry of Culture Grant)
Graduate Institute of Arts and Technology,M.F.A.Program,
Taipei National University of the Arts
Honorable Mention
2th Split Videoart Festival Special Mention,Split,Croatia,2021
New Wave Short Film Festival Honorable Mention Of Experimental Film,Munich,Germany,2021
New York Tri-State International Film Festival, United States,2021
Los Angeles experimental forum film festival, United States,2020
LA Underground Film Forum (LAUFF), United States,2020
Hollywood New Directors Film Festival , Los Angeles, United States,2020
2022 PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program,Leipzig,Germany
2021 scholarship association Otte1- Schleswig-Holsteinisches Künstlerhaus awards,Eckernförde,Germany
2021 YUI-PORT Artist in Residence “Autonomous Activity Program Winter”,Japan Niigata-shi
2010 La Cite internationale des Arts International Artist Residency Program,Paris,France
2008 Location One International Artist Residency Program ,New York,USA
2021 Best Experimental Film,Semi-Finalists,Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival,United Kingdom
2021 Best Zero/Low-Budget Film,Semi-Finalists,Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival,United Kingdom
2021 The first prize,15th ZUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival-ON THE EDGE-experiment and video-art competition,Bialystok,Poland
2021 2th Split Videoart Festival Special Mention,Split,Croatia
2021 New York Tri-State International Film Festival Honorable Mention Of Experimental Film
2021 New Wave Short Film Festival Honorable Mention Of Experimental Film,Munich, Germany
2021 Semifinalist for the Madrid edition of the 4th FilmArte Festival,Madrid,Spain
2021 Best Experimental Film,Roma Short Film Festival,Rome,Italy
2021 New York World Film Festival.Nominee finalist,New York,United States
2021 Best Experimental Short,Tokyo International Short Film Festival ,Tokyo, Japan
2021 15th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, Finalist
2021 International Video Art Festival Now & After competition, Finalist, Moscow, Russia
2020 Golden Cow Award winner at the GSTAADfilm Festival, Switzerland
2020 Best Experimental Short,Amsterdam Independent Film Festival 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2020 Best Art or Experimental Short,Dreamers of Dreams Film Festival, London, United Kingdom
2020 Lumen Prize finalist, London, United Kingdom
2020 Selected by Loops.Expanded 2020 International, Best Sixteen ArtWork of the Year
2020 14th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, SPECIAL PRIZE
2020 34th Image Forum Festival “East Asian Experimental Competition”, Finalist, Tokyo, Japan
2020 32 Girona Film Festival (GFF) ,final list, Girona, Spain
2020 Hollywood New Directors Honorable Mention, Los Angeles, USA
2020 LA Underground Film Forum (LAUFF) Honorable Mention, Los Angeles, USA
2020 Los Angeles Experimental forum festival Honorable Mention, Los ANgeles, USA
2019 South Film and Arts Academy Festival (SFAAF) – Best Art Video, Chile
2012 Heineken (Dream Space) Art Award Prize Winning, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 <Crescendo Prelude > Tseng Yu ching solo exhibition Taishin art award, Taiwan
2008 CCAA Best Young Artist of Chinese Contemporary Art Awards, Shanghai, Beijing, China
2007 12th Documenta Kassel, Germany
2007 “Acid Tongue Tseng Yu ching solo exhibition” Taishin art award, Taiwan
2007 Yageo Tech-Art Award Prize Winning, Taiwan
2006 “Un_let out the part” Taipei Digital Art Festival Prize Winning, Taiwan
2006 “oxy_ Tseng Yu ching solo exhibition ” Taishin art award Final nominate, Taiwan
2005 “I despise presumptions” S-AND Cultural Foundation Prize Winning, Taiwan
2005 “I’m Leaving”10th Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards Asian New Force Finalist
2004 “Who’s listening ?” Taipei Art Award Prize Winning
2004 “Projection and Re_ection During That Time” Spring Film Festival, Taiwan
2002 “Projection and Reflection During That Time” Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan
it could be 1 single-channel or 4 single-channel,depand on for screening.
It’s a self-examined process for assess your present time. In the regular bass sound surround space, you could find there’s a few teenagers are having a madness house party, and there’s a girl awake but exhausted for being there. There’s a slightly smog or light gently but regularly move in the space. The smog represented a spiritual inside a space. It could be the spiritual from you or others. It’s like you are just in a conference or a party and suddenly there’s something pull your spirit away from your body. It makes you look at yourself in a different angle, but you’re still in the group. What would you do and what’s the connection between you and others?
If the smog was another you – a same existence from another world to look at your body in this group full of chaos and desired. However, there’s nothing you can changed as a member in this group. All you can do silently look down at your body, and move away quietly.
If the smog wasn’t you, it was an outsider of this whole group of people. You are paralysed to make any specific change in the group although your body still in there. What you should do and what would you do? You are just upon there and silently away from all these scenes made by human being.
There’s certainly no right or wrong answer for this topic. This just point out the way how you look at yourself. It’s a discussion about the existence of yourself. What makes you becomes the present existence and what’s track you would leave in your life.