Philippos Kappa, GR01:28

Philippos Kappa is a visual artist working mainly with video art. He approaches art as a metaphorical social examination. His work explores the interconnections between image and data and investigates how data influences the understanding of the visual representation, as well as how changes in the twenty-first century, such as mass media and the vast amount of information, transform the way we see and interpret the visual word. Kappa was born in Athens, Greece. He studied at Middlesex University, BA. Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, MA. Fine Art in London, UK. He has participated in more than 50 exhibitions and festivals around the world, and today he is a researcher at Tokyo Geidai University at the GA program
The following work is a video that I produced as a metaphorical social examination of the current COVID-19 situation. It explores how fragile the systems that are currently built into society are. The sound of the piece is a medical sound recorder of the lungs of a COVID-19 patient when he is breathing; the visual part in slow motion is a group of people that have collapsed, one over the other, and are trying to breathe and escape under the pressure that they are receiving from one another. The original footage in my work is from archive material, which I have processed. This work investigates the relationship between the individual and the group’s behaviour how they exist, coexist and interact.