program 2023

Blinded by Centuries

Director Biography – Parinda Mai
PARINDA Mai (1990, Thailand) is filmmaker who studied at Princeton University and gained a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, specialising in cinematography and film production. Her work has been screened at festivals and galleries around the world. Inspired by the folk story Twelve Sisters, learned across multiple platforms as a child, she reinterpreted the moral of the story and its implications with 12 Kalpas – A Beginning of Beginning (2021). Blinded by Centuries stems from the same project, and was selected for IFFR 2023
The Buddhist tale Twelve Sisters forms the basis of this speculative folk tale that scrutinises our existence on this planet, depicting a generation adrift between mythical and earthly realms. Parinda Mai questions the effects of globalisation, technological progress, and humanity’s place within an endless cycle of exploitation and destruction. Blinded by Centuries captures the confusing times we are living in, culminating in a synergy of image and sound.