program 2023

A Crooked Path Through The Dark

Director Biography – David Franklin
David Franklin is an Irish visual artist and film maker currently based in Barcelona. He has exhibited internationally and received grants from various institutions in Spain and Japan. He works at the crossroads of art, cinema, literature, and performance, utilising a range of media from painting to video to explore irrational and chaotic realities. “A Crooked Path Through The Dark” is the first work from his ongoing project “Out of Earth and Sky”, made in collaboration with some of the world’s leading butoh dancers, including members of the internationally-renowned groups Dairakudakan and Sankai Juku.
A butoh dancer (Atsushi Matsuda, of the internationally-renowned group Dairakudakan) travels across Tokyo on his way to rehearsals, traversing a subconscious landscape that bridges the interior world of the self with an exterior world that extends through the city to the cosmos. In reflecting on a dancer’s creative process, “A Crooked Path Through The Dark” offers a phantasmagorical look at the ties that bind the individual to the world around them, the connections we form with our environment, and the role of personal experience in shaping both lives and artwork. As storms boil and earthquakes rattle, we witness the visceral and moving process of destruction and renewal needed for the creation of a new performance.