program 2021

√, DE 0:04:44

Gesa Kolb, Till Gombert
“Partnerships often maneuver somewhere between turmoil and reconciliation, distance and togetherness.
In the experimental silent film “”√””, the partners Gesa Kolb and Till Gombert reflect on complex process of growing together within long-term relationships. “
each object is created for direct or indirect modifications of corporeality. completely different scenarios are permissible – whether it be total filtering of incoming signals and annoying impulses, or the conversion of deferred emotional experience into physical sensations, the generation of multi-component structures based on human and non-human substances, the transformation of tactile practices into textual meanings. the algorithm for creating these programmable masses is an intuitively evolving system, the purpose of which is to form the streams of random physiological and psychological impressions into an integral but plastic network of images and meanings.