program 2022

The breath

Franco Cerana, Hernán Biasotti, Alejandro Magneres
Franco Cerana is a teacher, researcher and filmmaker. In 2008 he formed Tangram Cine and since that year he works as director and cinematographer. He directed the series Sin Conexión (2016) and the short film Hesperdina Express (2016). Among his cinematography works are the web series La obra de mi vida (2018), the feature films Raiders of the Lost Doll (2016) and History of the Occult (2020). He is an adjunct professor of Lighting and Camera I (FDA-UNLP) and a doctoral fellow at UNLP, where he investigates the design of the Argentine cinematographic image.
Alejandro Magneres (JANDRI) is a Multipotential, born in Bahía Blanca in 1985 and a Professor in Audiovisual Communication at the Faculty of Arts (UNLP). He works as a teacher, filmmaker, editor, photographer and inventor in the audiovisual and multimedia fields. Among his works as editor are the feature film Las Olas (2017, Natalia Dagatti) and the short films Zoe (2019, Aretha Resenido) and Quedarse en casa (2019, Luisina Anderson).
Hernan Biasotti was born in 1988 in La Plata, Argentina. He works mainly as sound designer and among his latest works are the series The Kirlian Frequency (Netflix, 2018) and the films History of the Occult (2020), Esquí (2020) and Qué será del verano (2021), the last two participating in the 2021 edition of Berlinale Forum.
Sunset. A man dies in a sunflower field. At nightfall, his spectre returns to find the cause of his death and free himself. But the noise gets in the way.