Io ho fissato il fuoco per sempre

Salvatore Insana, IT23:43

Many looks.
People with ideas in their look
An expression of the eyes in which the inner state is reflected.
What is the difference between looking into the lens and through the lens?
Looking and observing imply active thinking, cognitive action.
Mental effort and fixation of the subject.
Each of these looks is full of riddles / meanings that we cannot decipher.
Visible mental currents towards the camera.
Direct view of the camera.
A direct look from history into us, a look that causes discomfort,
Something is expected from us, we know something we don’t want to tell them, disappointment.
Workers, peasants, citizens, protesters.
Views and hopes for a better future.
This film makes us universal witnesses.

Salvatore Insana attended the University of Roma Tre concluding his studies in 2010 with a paper on the concept of Useless. With Elisa Turco Liveri, actress and performer he has created in 2011 the collective Dehors/Audela, producing video-theatrical works, audiovisual projects, site-specific installations and photographic investigation, experimental workshops. He continued his research in motion pictures, photography and other media forms, interested in moving bodies in their elusiveness, in their metamorphic and tragic ability to elude us, interested to probe deeper on the limits of vision, on the “visual spectra”, and collaborating with several sound artists, composers and theater companies. His works has been screened at several institutions and festivals around the world.
A collective hypnosis, an invisible, subliminal enemy, an impalpable energy on the verge of exploding. The gaze of the filmed subject, that of the camera and that of the spectator trigger a participatory obsession, made of eyes in action. Eyes that stare, emptiness or neighbor. Crossings. Missed encounters. Sudden starts. Between fear and desire. Is the threat out of range? If there is a subjective, it is that of whom? Ways to see. To be aware of being seen. There is someone, off the pitch, who acts as an underground device, a mechanism not revealed to the viewer’s eye. Someone threatens or affects the quiet of our vision and taking your eyes off too early, you know, could be fatal.