program 2022

In Memory Of

Mattia Bioli
Mattia Bioli (1996, Sassuolo – Italy) is a filmmaker and artist. He created different inter-medial projects experimenting every type of media and technique, from photography to animation. His short films have been exhibited at several national and international film festivals, including Visioni Italiane (Cineteca Bologna), Piccolo Grande Cinema (Cineteca Milano), Ribalta Experimental, Filmfest Bremen, TOFUZI, Linea d’Ombra, Minikino Film Week, Kino Otok, IBRIDA Festival. At the same time, he has been running a YouTube channel since 2014, where he tells the background of his personal works.
How does a fading memory look like? A forgotten person faces the material disappearance of what it passed. Oblivion gradually consumes everything, destroying every possible illusion of eternity.
In memory of those who no longer exist, neither as a face, nor in our memories, nor in a short film.