PROGRAM Special Mention

Holiday in the Sea of Supremacy

Roger Horn, DE04:50

The well-known and once relaxing scenes now have a completely new meaning. The sea is no longer a sea for swimming and diving, it is a sea of ​​drowning and loss. Racial and class segregation is underlined under all elements of life like the ambient sound present in the film. Motives of tourist utopias that pass from the sphere of the known to the sphere of the eerie.

Roger Horn is an unconventional filmmaker and professor at HMKW Berlin in the Visual and Media Anthropology program. His PhD in Social Anthropology titled, “Memories, material culture, and methodology: Employing multiple filmic formats, forms, and informal archives in anthropological research among Zimbabwean migrant women” included several accompanying films which have screened widely at festival such as the 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 2020 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, and the 21st & 22nd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festivals.
Upon completion of his PhD and relocation to Germany all that filmmaker Roger Horn wanted was a relaxing family holiday in Spain, but he quickly became consumed with troubling emotions while swimming in the site of countless migrant deaths, the Mediterranean Sea. Adding to his concerns a trip into Barcelona with his wife revealed a city plastered in banners demanding Catalonian independence, cash machines covered in protest slogans, and African migrant vendors constantly under threat from local police.