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Adina Camhy
Adina Camhy is an artist, filmmaker and music producer. She studied architecture at TU Graz (AT) and UPV València (ES) before taking up her Master Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT).
Based on precise observations of the existing and in narrative approaches, she deals with topics such as the politics of memory, representation and the political in public and private spaces. Her works move in a broad spectrum between artistic-scientific research, film, media art, sound and performance. She works alone, in collaborations and collectives.
Her first short film Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together (2019) was screened at film festivals worldwide and received several awards, most recently “Best short film in the Limite programme”, São Paulo International Short Film Festival (BR, 2020).
She produces music for films (How to Disappear/Total Refusal, 2020), performances (Mitsouko & Mitsuko / Michikazu Matsune, 2021; Pontifex / Navaridas Deutinger, 2017), or audio walks.
Her work is shown internationally in exhibitions, festivals and screenings.
The film explores the phenomenon of different forms of craters. It condenses into a narrative form around the Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert in Israel and its counterpart of the same name on the moon.
In an aesthetic of digital geoinformation systems, found footage and animated photo collages, the digital shifting, zooming in and out becomes a performance with inherent changes of perspective.